Practice Areas

At the Law Offices of Alfonse A. De Meo, we are a general practice providing representation in many different aspects of the law. A few of the areas we focus on are: 
Family Law


One of the two primary areas of our practice. We provide representation in all aspects of the family court system: Divorce, Domestic Violence, Non-Dissolution Actions, and Motion Practice. We represent clients on issues such as custody, support, equitable distribution, enforcement of prior orders, and related issues. From start to finish, we can represent your needs in family law matters with a focus on resolution. 



Criminal Law


The other area of primary focus for our practice. Mr. De Meo has represented clients in cirminal actions ranging from simple assault and drug possession case to robbery and homicide trials. Mr. De Meo has appeared in the Superior Court of New Jersey and the United States Federal Court on criminal matters for his clients. 


Municipal Court


Mr. De Meo routinely appears in municipal courts throughout the State of New Jersey. He has appeared in nearly two hundred different municipal courts throughout the state. He represents clients in municipal court regarding DWI, Speeding, Insurance, and other traffic related offenses as well as disorderly persons offenses such as assault, harrassment, trespassing, shop lifting, drug possession, and domestic violence. If you have a matter in a municipal court, Mr. De Meo can represent you. 

Real Estate

Mr. De Meo is available to represent both purchasers and sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions. 


Small Business

We offer representation to the small business community on a wide range of services from general counsel to corporate formation, contract review, franchising, and other related needs. Mr. De meo serves as general counsel to a number of small business in a diverse range of industries. 

General Needs

We are also available for general legal needs such as wills, powers of attoney, landlord and tenancy issues, and other legal issues that may arise. Call to speak to Mr. De Meo to see if he can help.